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The Vitamin Company L-Glutamine

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Glutamine is the most abundant and versatile amino acid in the body. The Vitamin Company L-Glutamine Powder is made totally unflavoured and 100% pure which is a simple way to supplement your diet with this amino acid.


1. Muscle Recovery: Promotes muscle soreness reduction and recovery following strenuous exercise.
2. Support for the Immune System: Contributes to immune function and may lower the risk of illness and infections, especially during periods of intense training.
3. Gut Health: Promotes intestinal lining health and may help keep the digestive tract in good condition.
4. Cell Energy Source: Serves as the main source of energy for some cells, such as digestive system and immune system cells.
5. Prevents Muscle Wasting: Assists in preventing the deterioration of muscles during stressful times, like during rigorous exercise or illness.
6. Decreased Exercise-Induced Fatigue: May help improve overall performance by reducing fatigue during extended exercise.
7. Enhanced Hydration: Draws water to muscle cells, assisting in cellular hydration and possibly enhancing the efficacy of physical activity.
8. Anti-Catabolic Properties: Assists in maintaining muscle mass during times of stress or calorie restriction by acting as an anti-catabolic agent.

Recommended Usage

Take 1 heaping scoop (5g approx) of L-Glutamine with your favourite beverage or protein shakes Post-Workout. Take 1-2 servings daily.

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