Our Story

The Vitamin Company a unit of - Sportech Solutions(Legal Name)

At Vitamin Company, we stay ahead of the fitness curve with our comprehensive range of products to give your body what it needs at a price that fits your pocket.

Our supplements support feminine, digestive, and Immune health which helps you stay on top of your health game while providing you with the nutrients you need.

We go the extra step, to create a company you can communicate with and to produce wellness and fitness products you can trust.

Even today, The Vitamin company is taking the supplement world by storm by designing the best of the best products- so whether you are an elite athlete, weekend runner, signing up for a marathon, or just trying to stay healthy, we have what you have been looking for!

We take pride in taking a holistic approach to everything we do, and in that same spirit, we carry a variety of flavors and sizes of protein powders, energy drinks, and weight loss solutions.

Then no matter if you are a professional athlete or just starting up gym-journey, we carry around everything you will ever need to get fit and stay fit.

Our premium product Shilajit is formulated with clinically researched ingredients that restore energy, vigor, and stamina that ensure long-lasting vitality in males and females at all times.

To put it simply, we strive to make sure everything you need to reach the bliss of health and happiness is right at your fingertips… we mean everything from traditional supplements to exotic herbs, we feature the products you won’t find anywhere else.

So, Rocket your metabolism and finally get the chiseled physique you have been dreaming about.

Let health inspire your choices!

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Why Shop Here?

Here are a few things that set us apart…

The Vitamin company is the go-to stop for the fitness enthusiasts like you, who
are ready to do whatever it takes to work wonders to their body through our magically-curated collection of supplements.

Not only do we offer affordable prices, the quickest shippiand, and genuine quality, we also pledge
to walk you hand-in-hand to achieve the mission of helping people live a healthier, happier life.

Our experts routinely track emerging nutrient science to formulate clinically proven solutions and
they have the scientific evidence to back them up!

Based in Nature | Backed by Science

Our Mission

Stay strong | Live long

Redefining the limits of performance, and metabolism to unfurl the wave of clean energy coupled with a sharp focus.

We stand by our quality to ensure that everything, that we do, from development to packaging, aligns with our principles of sustainability because we truly believe that everyone deserves great health once and for all.

Join us to walk that extra mile!

Our Vision

We care | We build | We Grow

Together we are creating the best nutritional supplements, that build your body muscles, support your immunity, and take your performance to where it’s never before!

A life with the Vitamins companies is well-lived.

From day one, The Vitamin company was created to empower healthy living through unsurpassed quality and unrelenting value.

If you are someone who cares what goes into your body, then our superior nutritional supplements are a choice that won’t disappoint you.

Our Team

Behind the Brand!

Our secret to success lies right where it should be-Yes, you guessed it right, It’s our team of passionate individuals with top-notch skills and expertise who worked day and night to make Vitamin Company what it is today!

Vitamin company was able to come into picture, Thanks to our incredible team of versatile go-getters who are always ready to slay the challenges and bring in the new ideas and creativity we need to meet the evolving demands of the future.

Our Top Products

1) The Vitamin Company Himalayan Shilajit Shilajit (Shilajeet): contains fulvic and humic acids which support cardiovascular health, aging support, and immune health. This powerful substance has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to support heart health.

2) The Vitamin Company Women's Probiotic Drink Supplement: Our diet, lifestyle, and exposure to different environmental influences can cause changes in the balance of helpful and unhelpful bacteria in our stomach. Regular use of probiotics can support the stomach’s digestive function and the body’s ability to absorb nutrients that can help influence many things in our body including weight, mood, and immunity.
Specifically designed for today’s active woman, it includes added benefits like support with potentially reducing Urinary Tract Infections, aids in the improvement of fertility, rejuvenates skin and hair* and treats and provides support from vaginal yeast infections.

3) Marine Collagen Peptide : The Vitamin Company Collagen helps you say Goodbye to aging because it consists of marine collagen peptides & antioxidants which helps in the enhancement of skin texture.
Collagen defines, connects and supports our tissues - it's the glue that holds the body together and is especially abundant in our skin, hair, nails, joints, muscles, bones, digestive tract, and blood vessels.

4) The Vitamin Company L-Arginine 1000 mg
FREE FORM AMINO ACIDS : L-Arginine is one of the 20 amino acids that are naturally present in the body. These are the building blocks of proteins. The Vitamin Company L-Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid that stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which supports vasodilation.

5) The Vitamin Company - Zinc & Magnesium
Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA) is a natural mineral supplement made up of zinc, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6.
Zinc supports your immune system and muscles. Magnesium plays a role in metabolism and muscle health and helps manage sleep.B6 may boost energy.